iPhone UI 元素的尺寸



Element Size (in points)
Window (including status bar) 320 x 480 pts
Status Bar
(How to hide the status bar)
20 pts
View inside window
(visible status bar)
320 x 460
Navigation Bar 44 pts
Nav Bar Image /
Toolbar Image
up to 20 x 20 pts (transparent PNG)
Tab Bar 49 pts
Tab Bar Icon up to 30 x 30 pts (transparent PNGs)
Text Field 31 pts
Height of a view inside
a navigation bar
416 pts
Height of a view inside
a tab bar
411 pts
Height of a view inside
a navbar and a tab bar
367 pts
Portrait Keyboard height 216 pts
Landscape Keyboard height 162 pts

From http://www.idev101.com/code/User_Interface/sizes.html


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